At Murley, we constantly strive towards being number one in our field for providing an outstanding customer service to the corporate sector. Understanding the needs and requirements for our business customers has always been our priority and it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Our wealth of experience enables us to offer sound advice to key decision makers in the fleet/contract hire industry. We are proud of all our sales channels and offer cost effective solutions to both the single business user and larger company car fleet.

In simple terms, the greener your car, the lower co2 emissions and the less tax you will have to pay.

With some alternative manufacturers, everything comes as an extra cost; Hyundai has designed theirs to be different. From Bluetooth to cruise control and satellite Navigation our cars feature all the spec you need, as standard.

Hyundai have worked extremely hard to keep co2 emissions low, which in turn keeps your tax low too. Their bluedrive technology features intelligent stop & go and an Eco Drive indicator to maximise Fuel economy and efficiency.

But don’t let our words convince you, come along and see for yourself what the Hyundai range has to offer.

If you’d like to know more information, please call one of our sales consultants to discuss all your requirements and needs for ease free future motoring.

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